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Wetlands Protection Committee
Contact TypeContact Information
NRC Director
525 Washington Street
Wellesley, MA 02482
781-431-1019, X2292
Monday - Friday
8:30 AM - 4:00 PM
Fuller Brook
Fuller Brook
Robert Collins
Carl Sciple
Vice Chair
J. Stanley Waugh
Jay C. Hamerness
Richard Howell
Please contact to get on the agenda.


Minutes and Agendas
View and/or download the Committee's approved meeting minutes and past agendas.

Upcoming Meeting Agendas.
See what will be, or has been, discussed during the Committee’s meetings.

Meeting Dates and Application Deadlines
View and/or download the Committee's list of upcoming meetings, as well as application submission deadlines.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions.
Use the site as a quick-reference guide to commonly asked questions about the Wellesley Wetlands Protection Committee (also referred to as the “Conservation Commission” in most Massachusetts towns), state and local laws, wildlife and other subjects.

Downloadable Documents.
Access downloadable documents including:

    Wellesley's Wetlands Protection Bylaw (Article 44) and Regulations,
    Wetlands application forms and instructions about how to complete them,
     Brochures and Guides, and
     Miscellaneous educational information.

Wellesley's Wetlands Map
This website has a link to Wellesley's Wetlands Map, which shows the approximate locations of wetlands, buffer zones and riverfront areas. According to the Massachusetts Wetlands Protection Act (MGL Ch. 131 §40) and Wellesley's Wetlands Protection Bylaw (Article 44), all wetland delineations are subject to verification by on-site observations.  The map's wetlands were derived from the following three sources:

MassDEP Wetlands Conservancy Program (obtained through the MassGIS Program of MA EOEA), 1:12000
Town of Wellesley Base Planimetry, 1:400
Other wetlands identified by the Wellesley Wetlands Protection Committee through survey and aerial photo interpretation

         THE WETLANDS MAP is provided as a general reference only and

Website Links
Use this site as a website resource library; it contains links to sites that we have found to be useful and informative.

Under Construction:
The following information will be added to this site in the near future:

    Information and Guidelines about Landscaping with Native Plants
    Wellesley's Wildlife, including information about vernal pools and other "wild neighbors"
    Guideline pages for specific user groups, including realtors, builders and residents
    "What's New" (see below)
    Special Programs and/or Projects (see below)

"What’s New"
Find out about new, proposed, or revised State and/or Local policies, procedures, and/or Regulations

Special Programs and/or Projects
Special programs and/or projects will be listed on this site ("under construction").

Please refer to this site in the late winter for information about the Committee’s annual vernal pool workshop, co-sponsored by the NRC, which is taught by Wellesley's Wetlands Administrator.

Please give us your feedback!  
This site has been created to be a helpful resource for Wellesley's residents.

Please let us know if you have found this site to be helpful, hard to use, or otherwise. In addition, if you have any suggestions about how we might make this site more useful, please send us an email... we are interested in hearing from you! Thank you in advance for your input.

(Please click the left side-bar's"Frequently Asked Questions" Link for additional information)

The Wellesley Wetlands Protection Committee (often referred to as the "Conservation Commission" in other towns) is a five-member board of volunteers who are appointed by Wellesley's Natural Resources Commission ("NRC").  The NRC, having the powers and duties of a Conservation Commission, has delegated to the Wetlands Protection Committee the power and authority to administer and enforce the provisions of the Massachusetts Wetlands Protection Act (MGL Ch. 131 §40) and the Wellesley Wetlands Protection Bylaw (Article 44).  

The Committee holds regular meetings, generally every third Thursday at 7:30 PM, in Lower Town Hall. During their meetings, the Committee reviews proposed projects that fall under the jurisdiction of the (following) state and local wetlands protection laws.


The Massachusetts Wetlands Protection Act and the Wellesley Wetlands Protection Bylaw prohibit altering land, water or vegetation in lakes, streams, wetlands, floodplains, or areas within 100 feet of wetlands (and 200 feet of perennial streams) without a permit from the Wellesley Wetlands Protection Committee.  In addition, the Massachusetts Inland Restricted Wetlands Act (M.G.L. Ch. 131 s. 40A) protects 14 designated wetlands in Wellesley.  For more information, please visit the State's Department of Environmental Protection ("DEP") Wetlands website.


PROTECTED INTERESTS AND VALUES include, but are not limited to:
public or private water supply,
flood control,
erosion and sedimentation control,
storm damage prevention,
water pollution prevention,
wildlife habitat, and

marshes;              wet meadows;            bogs;
swamps;               banks;                           reservoirs;
lakes;                     ponds;                           rivers;
streams;               creeks;

lands under
reservoirs,              lakes,                             ponds,
rivers,                      creeks or                       streams;
any wetlands bordering on any of the above resource areas;
isolated wetlands
        so long as they cover at least 2,500 square feet of surface area;

Land within 100 feet of the above resource areas;

vernal pool habitats;
lands within 200 feet of perennial streams or rivers;
bordering land subject to flooding; or
isolated land subject to flooding.


For more information, or if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the Wetlands Protection Committee's Staff at (781) 431-1019 ext. 2294 or

Wellesley Town Hall  525 Washington St., Wellesley, MA 02482
Phone: (781) 431-1019
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