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Bales_small0.jpgRecycling activities consist of: separating, collecting, packaging, selling, and delivering recyclable materials; developing new market sources and maximizing revenue opportunities; monitoring and promoting residential and commercial participation to increase the number of participants and the tonnage recycled; answering inquiries and providing information to residents and others about the recycling program; and controlling the quality of recyclable materials.  The collection, processing, and sale of earth products, e.g. compost and woodgrindings, are included in the Earth Products program.

What can be recycled?

Click here for the RDF Recycling Guide

The RDF accepts the following materials:

recycle_small0.jpgLight iron (bikes, water heaters)
recycle_small0.jpgAppliances (freezers, refrigerators, etc.)
recycle_small0.jpgInk jet cartridges
recycle_small0.jpgBatteries (automotive, household)
recycle_small0.jpgWaste oil
recycle_small0.jpgCellular phones and PDAs
recycle_small0.jpgElectronic media
recycle_small0.jpgPropane tanks
recycle_small0.jpgMetal (brass, copper)
recycle_small0.jpgFlourescent lightbulbs
recycle_small0.jpgGlass (brown, green, clear)
recycle_small0.jpgSteel cans
recycle_small0.jpgPaper (office paper, junk mail, newspapers)
recycle_small0.jpgTelevisions and computers

Costs associated with recycling functions include labor, equipment, hardware, transportation, and promoting recycling.  Funds for these costs come from tax dollars appropriated directly to the RDF by Town Meeting.  All revenues earned through the Recycling Program are returned to the Town General Fund.  In Fiscal Year 2007 the Recycling program returned approximately $644,000 to the Town General Fund.

Wellesley Town Hall  525 Washington St., Wellesley, MA 02482
Phone: (781) 431-1019
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